I've been fortunate to have a lot of unique experiences. Some of them are: mounted art exhibitions in New York and Moscow, including the first “unofficial” artist to show at the Central House of Artists, produced independent films including Vin Diesel’s first short film, skied the Alps, the Rockies, and the Tetons, climbed the Great Wall, rode the Boston->NY AIDS Ride three times, raced in outlaw bike messenger races in New York and San Francisco, participated in the first hackathon in San Francisco as well as StartupBus 2011.

    I was a pioneer in the Internet space, bringing a uniquely qualified and sophisticated level of understanding of integrated social media marketing, online marketing, marketing automation and Integrated Account-Based Marketing & Sales.

    Successfully founded and launched the B2B SaaS company, Venntive, an integrated Revenue Operations (RevOps) platform, a seamless ecosystem of business applications for marketing, sales, and relationship management, customer success, customer support, operations.

    I'm a committed entrepreneur and over the last 20 years, I've learned a lot of lessons about just how hard it can be creating something from an idea.


    While being fully focused on sharing Venntive with more and more customers, there was a time when I was seduced by the "Bright Shiny Startup Syndrome."


    Personal Health Cloud, intended to put people in control of all their health data so they can take control of their health was a great and noble idea, health technology is really challenging. We are still advocates for “consumer-driven healthcare” and believe that everyone should have access to and ownership of all their personal medical information at any time and in any place.


    So, I scaled back to create something simple, accessible, and essential in 2019. That was Shotz.co, a simple website where you could find an interactive Google Sheet to record and update your immunization history as well as schedule email reminders for upcoming immunizations or booster shots. You don't realize you need your own accessible record until you need it. It's virtually impossible to reconstruct an immunization history. With a Shotz Sheet, it would always handy even when you lose that yellow immunization card or worse, find out your doctor/s really weren't keeping track of all that information. Simple, always accessible, completely yours, Shotz would always be available with annual updates available. Too early by a couple years!


    Today, it is so exciting to have a role in the evolution of sales, marketing, customer success as Revenue Operations and Product-Led Growth focus on enabling and empowering both the internal and external "customers" of forward-looking businesses.



    "Ordinary people focus on the outcome. Extraordinary people focus on the process."


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    CEO/Founder Jan 2010 – Present

    Venntive is the unique, comprehensive, integrated platform that seamlessly integrates marketing automation, sales, and relationship management applications. Enterprise, scalable, yet affordable for young companies.

    Venntive naturally introduces cross-discipline transparency and aligns sales, marketing, and corporate agendas to facilitate communication and maximize revenues.

    Venntive also offers its experience and expertise to clients to develop and execute strategic online marketing and sales plans starting with an in-depth gap analysis.

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